Hand Puppets Alive!

ILT in Term 2 was jam-packed with exciting new projects, one of which was making Paper Hand Puppets.

Students had great fun learning to create their favorite story characters and making them come to life using their acting voices and hand movements.

First, they used their imagination to design their puppets in their ILT books. Then they were introduced to Miss Cupcake’, a very funny and colourful finished hand puppet. When they saw how easy it was to create one, off they went!
The children thoroughly enjoyed decorating their characters using vibrant crayon colours. They even attached a fascinating range of accessories to their puppets to add extra pizzazz - hats, jewelry, beards, baskets, even horns! They couldn’t wait to finish their puppets and create their storyboards so they could get to the best bit - acting out exciting puppet stories with friends. Some enthusiasts even created a full hand puppet collection!