Introducing our Prep Junior School Council Representatives

Today in our writing workshop we interviewed our prep Junior School Council (JSC) representatives. This term Stella and Josh are representing Triciclo at JSC. First we brainstormed some questions we would like to ask Stella and Josh, then we took it in turn to ask the questions.

Our first question was, "What is Junior School Council?"

"Junior school council is when we can change things at school. We go to a meeting and chat all the time. We can go there to ask questions" - Stella.

Herbie asked "Why do you go to JSC every week?"

"If we just went every day we wouldn't have much time in our learning community to do all our learning" - Stella.

Juca suggested we have half an hour of play at recess and two hours of play at lunch time.

Stella responded with "But how can we change that because we need time to do our learning"

Bec asked "Where do you do JSC?"

"Great question, but the problem is i can't really explain it. I think it is in Alveare" - Stella.

Luna asked "Why do we have JSC?"

"We have JSC so we can make changes at the school." - Stella.

Orlando wondered "why is JSC so important?"

Stella and Josh replied "Because it helps us learn things. Thats a tricky question though!"

Why do you like going to JSC?

"It's super fun and we get to make changes!" - Josh.

"Talking in front of everyone is very hard but it makes me happy and I feel brave" - Stella.

Orlando asked Josh "What is your favourite sweet of all?"

"Candy and lollies" - Josh.

Abbie asked Josh "What is your favourite sport?"

"Footy, of course!" - Josh

Bonnie asked Josh "What do you like about school?"

"I love writing" - Josh

Maksim asked Stella "What is your favourite thing to eat?"

"Treats, any kind!" - Stella

Miro asked Stella "What is your favourite sport?"

"I don't really like playing sport" - Stella

Juca asked Stella "What is your favourite colour?"

"Blue" - Stella

Bonnie asked Stella "Why do you like school?"

"I love playing tiggy and i get to see my brother at school" - Stella

Thank you for answering our questions Stella and Josh!

Written by Orlando, Abbie, Stella, Juca, Bec, Matilda, Milly, Luna, Francesca, Augie, Ruben, Aryana, Arung, Maksim, Bonnie, Rufus, Herbie, Emerald, Josh, Theo, Miro, Florence and Laura