Wild Explorers Inquiry

How do humans relate to animals?
This is the current inquiry we are exploring as a learning community.
Through our inquiry we will ask, explore, think about and share our responses to the following questions:
  • In what ways are animals and humans similar?
  • In what ways are animals and humans different?
  • Which animals are most like humans?
  • Which animals are least like humans?
  • Do animals and humans experience the same emotions?
  • How are our bodies and animals bodies the same?
  • How are our bodies and animals bodies different?
  • How do we connect with animals?
  • Why do we connect with animals?
  • What makes animals special?
  • What makes us special?
  • What are the needs of humans?
  • What are the needs of animals?
  • Are humans animals?

We began our inquiry by sharing the ways we think humans and animals may be similar. Here are some of our thoughts...

"A kangaroo has feet like a human, a body, hands and a head"
"I am wearing black and white stripes today and zebras have black and white stripes"
"Sometimes I think bees are very similar to us"
"In evolution monkeys turned into humans, my mum told me"
"Gorillas are like us"
"Rabbits eat carrots and so do we!"
"The person has hands and the koala has hands"
"Dragons have wings and we have arms"
"We all have brains"
"Some animals have hands and feet exactly like ours...chimpanzees!"
"Bees are similar to humans because they have stripes and I always wear stripes"
"The bird has wings and we have arms"
"First humans used to be monkeys and then they turned into humans"
"Animals are bigger and humans are smaller"
"Animals have different types of fur and humans just have plain fur"
"We all have legs"
"Monkeys look the same as humans because we have the same face.
Monkeys say oo oo ah ah and I know how to say that as well!"
"We both have eyes, a tummy, mouths and legs"
"The fox goes to the zoo and so do I"
"Humans have soft skin and animals have fur.
We have two eyes and so do animals"
"We both have arms and eyes and mouths. We both get food"
"We all have bones. We have a heart and legs and so do animals and birds"
"My cat has two eyes and so do I"
"I drew an Egyptian god with a bird head"
"Humans are pretty much apes"
"We poo"



  1. Kris (Amelie's Mum)30 April 2018 at 16:37

    Some of those comments are gold! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Hannah - Toby’s Mum2 May 2018 at 02:48

    Thanks so much for sharing! Beautiful answers and great questions too.


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