Our exciting new role play area

Having opportunities to play in an unstructured scenario is an important part of childhood. The role play area in our Learning Community is one way we provide students with an environment for unstructured play.

Role play allows children to develop social skills, language and communication. Through role play children can also build confidence, form new friendships, develop fine motor skills and learn about others and the world they share.

We decided to create the space station role play area after many students shared their interest in learning more about space and our planet. The space station has a control panel, artefact exploration box, clipboards, thermometer, uniforms, goggles and a pet space cat named Fluffy Moli.

During ILT, a group of us collaboratively designed and created the large artwork - it is our window to the universe. In the coming weeks we plan to work together to create helmets for our scientists, a telecommunication system so we can contact Earth, more functions for our control panel and a uniform for Fluffy Moli. Watch this space!





  1. Rachel, Darcy’s mum1 May 2018 at 05:03

    So, so cool! Darcy gave me a very excited and full account about the space station (the most details since he started prep). He is a major space enthusiast!


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