Independent Learning Time

Independent Learning Time (ILT) gives us the space to engage in
experiences based on our strengths and interests. Through exploration,
investigation and play, we learn and apply skills that are authentic,
meaningful and have a strong sense of purpose.


With guidance, students make their own decisions and choices on what
they would like to learn and how they would like to express their thinking.

Our stimulating learning environment fosters students curiosity and provides
an invitation for students to collaborate, problem solve and learn as professionals - scientists, authors, mathematicians, builders, architects, artists, gardeners and chefs.

Here is just a snap shot of the wonderful learning
we have been doing during ILT this term!

Exploring symmetry through art and building

  Researching objects we have found on our holidays

Designing and building with the planks

  Designing multi-story buildings together

Designing and building our village