Arts Literacy Fest!

Arts Literacy Fest, you rocked!

Take a look below at just some of the reasons why...

 Pizza creations with Kate 

Pop Up Cards with John


Clay Sculptures

Paper Making

Ochre Paintings with Uncle Trevor Gallagher

 Uncle Trevor Gallagher circle time

100 Story Building

                             Belly dancing with Louise

                               Archeology with David

                        Making Paint Brushes with Nell

                       Card Making with Elissa and Julie

                                                     Clay Pots with Dan

                                 Italian Performance

                                                     Arts Literacy Evening

  Dress Up Day

 Itchy Scabs Performance

This week truly isn't possible without the amazing support of our wonderful Triciclo Community! To the parents, friends and family members that either ran workshops, supplied resources, created costumes or visited us during the Arts Literacy evening, thank you
We are a one very lucky Learning Community.