Learning is Evolving. Get on the ball!

Since the beginning of Term 3 Triciclo students have been exploring the amazing world of robotics and coding using BEPS’s fleet of SPRK+ Spheros!

We have been using them both during ILT in the mornings alongside digital learning on Friday afternoons; students have been completing ‘Sphero challenge cards’ both inside and outside the LC.

Additionally each Friday during lunchtime, students from across all grade levels at BEPS have been joining James, Dan and Pete for the digital technologies club. We have been practicing using the Spheros and coming up with fun games including ‘Sphero Mazes’ and ‘Sphero Sumo’.

Triciclo students have been incredibly engaged in these activities and there is always fierce competition to have a go!

More information regarding the fun learning opportunities Spherous can be used for can be found on their website or come have a chat to Dan :)