Scribble Bots

How spoilt we were to have Craig (Lachlan's dad) run a creative hands-on workshop with a group of eager Triciclo inventors a few weeks ago!

Over the course of a couple of hours, students built and decorated their very own robot. Their robot, which was motorised using batteries and mini motors, moved in interesting ways and left a patterned mark wherever it went.

As problems arose, it was great to see the students challenging themselves to solve any issues that occurred. 

So what did we like about the experience?

"I really liked how shaky it was"

"They made a drawing and I've never made a robot before in my whole life!" 

"I liked putting the brain on (the motor) because it made it move!"

"I knew everything about making the robots, I am an expert!"

"I liked that we had a lot of fun, because sometimes when we put the wire on it made it really exciting."

"I liked putting the legs on cause we used textas" 

"That you can actually make real robots that move around."

"Putting the cables into the brain, because after that it moved."

Thanks so much to Craig for your support, materials, time expertise and enthusiasm!