Maths Picnic at Methven Park

For our Maths Inquiry this term, your children have been busy being event planners; organising and preparing a picnic to be shared with some kindergarten students from Brunswick Kindergarten.

Last week we sent out an invitation to this Kindergarten, and to our delight, they said that they would love to join us! 

During the week we decorated bunting, made signs and wrote a speech to share with the Kindergarten. We used the interactive whiteboard to order our food online and it was delivered to school on Wednesday afternoon. 

We had a very busy morning today, preparing 80 fruit salad cups, 80 sandwiches and 80 sushi rolls for the picnic! Lucky we had some 456s to help us!

Our outing began with a walk from school and to Methven Park. We hung our bunting, displayed the signs and set up the picnic rugs – we were ready for the Kinder kids!

We began by welcoming the Kindergarten children with a speech written by the Prep children. There was plenty of food for all!

After a play with the Kinder kids we packed up our picnic and walked back to school.

Thank you to all our wonderful Prep families who lent us their picnic rugs, blankets, cooking skills and time! We could not have prepared all the food or visited the park without you! 

“I loved playing with my friends at the picnic”

“I loved seeing my kinder teachers!”

“I loved cutting up the strawberries for the fruit salad!”

“I loved eating the sushi!!!”