What Makes Us Special?

In Term 2, we are continuing to delve deeper into our Inquiry into the nature of the self where we hope to gain an awareness of our own characteristics, abilities and interests.

Who are we? What makes us special? What are our strengths and interests? What is our message? These are just some of the big questions we have been exploring through Philosophy, Maths, Writing, Reading,The Arts and our Critical Conversations. 

Below we are excited to share with you some of our self portraits and quotes from our discussions around what makes us special. 

“I’m special because I'm alive and I’m full of love.
I have a family that loves me”

"I’m the first baby in my family. That makes me special”

“Music. I was the first to learn this in my family.”

“Making friends. I’m so kind and

I make friends cause I’m so kind.”

“My family, because of the hugs.

My mums the best hugger.”

"I can whistle!"

“I try new things”

“Unicorns, my cousin and my sister cause they are cool.
I like Eye of the Tiger which is a cool song.
All of these things make me cool.”

“My family cause they love me”

“I’m angrier than my dad.

I’m the angriest person in my family.”

“I’m learning to draw, write and read.”

“I look after my sister”

"I run SO fast!"

"I am good at riding a bike up a big hill."

"I am good at playing Lego, because I can build a whole house."

"I am a really good cook. I like cooking cake."

"I can reach coconuts from a coconut tree."

"I am good at listening"

"I am actually a mermaid."

"I can do the monkey bars."

"I can ride up a very steep hill."

"I love eating ice cream and hamburgers."

"I like taking a bath with soap."

"Mummy makes me mango. That's pretty special."

"I give great hugs!"

"I love riding my bike!"

"Hugging my mummy."

"I get to go to the snow. That makes me special."

"My kittens. They are so snuggly."

"I'm really good at new things."

"My mum gives me Easter eggs even when it's not Easter!"

"Making friends. I do it every year."

"My guitar. cause I play it."

"My cat makes me special. She snuggles in to my face."

"I like sharks and venomous snakes."

"Pokemon. I think it's cool and it encourages me to keep trading and getting more bundles."