2017: Welcome Preps!

Congratulations to all our Preps
and families on your start to 2017!

Thank you for your ongoing support in helping the Preps settle in
to the Triciclo Learning Community.

This week we asked some of the Preps to tell us about their first month at school.
Here's what they had to say:

"I have made lots of friends! Sometimes I bring my bouncy
ball so I can play hand-tennis with my friends"
- Tad

"I like doing Curiosita because I get to learn Italian"
- Charlie

"I can do a back flip on the bar and I like going down the slide in the Colourfuls"
- Ramona

"I like playing maths games and best of all I really really like my teachers"
- Ellee

"Everything is good about school. I mostly like playing cubbies with my friends"
- Taavi 

"I love going on the monkey bars and now I have blisters.
I even learnt how to skip one bar"
- Mimi A

"I like playing snakes and ladders. I LOVE playing Lego!"
- Quin

"School is nice. It makes me learn heaps. I like it when I get to go outside and play with buddies in the sand and on the monkey bars. I like doing meditation so i can relax.
- Malu

Here are some photos of the Preps
in our Triciclo Learning Community. 

Observational drawing in the garden

Weaving bridges for the fairy garden

Social Maths

Independent Learning Time

We love reading