Maths Talent Quest

Triciclo loves chocolate, well… doesn’t everyone really?!
We wanted to use our love of lollies to build our mathematical knowledge through learning connected to our interests and to real life.

We wanted to build our understanding of number concepts but also other mathematical concepts as they arose naturally through our inquiry. We also developed our ability to use various strategies and engage in math situations methodically. We also had the opportunity to be extended and supported through our inquiry that had multiple entry and exit points and was also cross-curricula.

Through this inquiry we created our own chocolate factory. We designed lollies, we decided on prices for our lollies, created shops, shopped for lollies using real money (of different values to suit our conceptual understanding), and many other things as they arose along the way. We also had multiple ways to demonstrate our predictions, investigations, learning, and understandings.

Some of our amazing lolly designs!

Some snaps of us doing our lolly learning!

Some combinations of lollies we bought for $5

Some combinations we could buy with $10

Some learning we did to support our lolly investigations

Our giant lolly market!

Our final recording of our learning