Who is Fitzy Fox?


On Tuesday 6th September we were lucky enough to have the Author Amelia Trompf come for a visit and share with us her new picture story book 'Who is Fitzy Fox?' This story is set in our Local area so we knew some of the places in the story. Amelia read us the story and we had the chance to ask her some questions.


"How long does it take to make a book?"

"Have you written any other books?"

"Why did you become an author?"

"Do the guards always stay at the Palace?"

"Do you always include a complication in the story?"






After Amelia had finished the story and answered our questions we had the chance to create our own gelato.






If you would like to purchase this book there is some information below. We do have a copy in our book corner if you would like to check it out.

Who is Fitzy Fox? is set in Melbourne’s inner north and is written especially for local kids. Who is Fitzy Fox? (paperback) is being offered at a special price of $11.95 (usually $14.95) plus free delivery for Brunswick East PS students. Visit the online shop at www.fitzyfox.com and use the coupon code: 3057 for the special price & free shipping (books delivered to school).
When ordering, please make sure you write your child’s full name and class & the school’s address for delivery: 195a Stewart Street Brunswick East, VIC  3057