That's Not A Daffodil


That's Not A Daffodil


On Tuesday the 23rd August we arrived at school early to set off on our long walk to the Metanoia Theatre to see the play 'That's Not A Daffodil'. When we arrived we were all so excited to see all of the wonderful things we had created to help decorate the theatre.  Rosalind the Producer and Elizabeth Honey the Author were there to greet us when we arrived and showed us to our seats.

We all enthusiastically watched the play and were happy to join in with the characters singing and clapping.


After the performance we had a slow stroll back to school chatting  with our friends about our favourite parts of the play.



Here we are creating decorations for the theatre.



Here are some photos with the Author of 'That's Not A Daffodil' Elizabeth Honey.