Reading Inquiry

Over the past few weeks in Triciclo we have been learning as researchers during our Reading Inquiry.  After much discussion during Library we decided on a range of topics that we were interested in exploring further. 
We chose Ancient Egypt, Space, Ball Sports, Mythical Creatures, Earth, Buildings and Dinosaurs. 

We then decided which topic we were going to research. As a group we wrote down what we already knew about the topic.

Then it was time to start asking some questions. What did we want to know? What did we want to find out? Using a range of non-fiction books we found lots of new and interesting pieces of information that we wrote down in our group journal. To help us find information, we used the contents page, index, diagrams, illustrations and helped each other to sound out some tricky words. 

Finally, as a group we worked together to organise what we had learnt and presented this to the Learning Community. 

 "Some people cut off Unicorns horns to cure sick people"

"In Ancient Eygpt they love cats so much they even make coffins for cats"

"I know that if we have morning every day, all of us in the world, we won't know night time"

"In Soccer the only person allowed to use their hands in the goal keeper"

"In Ancient Egypt at night it gets cold"

"Black holes can suck in everything they can reach with their sucky-ness"

"There are 200 different types of rocks in the world."