Perceptual Motor Program aka PMP

The 'body rocker' is one of many activities we participate in during PMP on Fridays.

'What are your thoughts on making the rocker balance?'

You need to try and move up and down with your bottom so you can try and get it in balance – Tijana

If someone’s there you don’t do your whole body because that won’t balance through but when you do it a little bit, not as much, sometimes you get it – Nicholas

You need to move to the middle but if it tips down you move to the back; you need to get both the kids to move to the middle and it will balance and you will be able to do it all the time – Emerson

The person that’s on the bottom leans this way and the person who is on the top leans back - Myrtle

Then you have to both go backwards – Winnie

If you’re the same size you will probably be able to balance – Elke

The person that is on the bottom goes forward and the one that’s going to lean back goes back – Orla

Trying to turn it over but not all the way over just so it’s like in the middle. Keep your bottom off and when the rocker’s in the middle put your bottom down but softly – Flint

You have to put your feet in the middle so you can balance in the middle but you can’t move fast or otherwise it falls down and you have to wait until the parent puts their foot on it – Albert