How To Break A Stick

"It all started when when we were finding sticks for our cubby that we began building last week at Merri Creek. We couldn't break off the sticks from the trees so we collected the sticks off the ground. We needed more sticks for our cubby and then we just said why don't we break the big sticks to make little sticks and then we will have even more!" 

"People were giving me sticks and I had a go at breaking it with my foot. The best way to break a stick is not pulling it a part but pull it under your foot and pull up. The more you do it the easier it is to break. Sometimes you have to pull it up lots of times, you have to use your knee and have strong arms." 

"I had to sit on the stick to snap it and I was stepping on it and thats how you do it." 

"When you break a stick, if it's really wobbly it might be really hollow. Some are actually really hard though. If it's wobbly you jiggle or jump on it. You have to be careful not to fall over or get a splinter!" 

"We wanted a really big stick and we found one in the bushes. We saw it last time at Merri Creek and I wanted to move it to our cubby but no one was agreeing to do it. Then the next time which is this time everyone like ganged up around it, me and everyone else and we just like pulled it and it just like started moving and then when it got to the grass it started to move easily. Then we could go back to snap the sticks to make little pieces for the cubby."

"Another way we did it was some of us held the branch and other people banged. The last bits had to be done by hand. It was really, really hard to break that ginormous stick we had."  

"When we snapped the stick it was so good, everyone went yeah!!! We were really strong. We all thought it was hollow but when we snapped it, we realised it wasn't. Hollow is like when there is nothing inside it and you hear that noise (knocks on a cupboard)."

"It felt really good cause at the start I did it by myself, but then more and more people came. That helped us find more sticks and break more sticks then we could build a better cubby. We did that and it worked!!!"