Glass Birds

Glass Birds

Janet has enjoyed coming over to Triciclo and spending time with the Preps. Together  they have created beautiful glass birds. Janet went through the  process of making the birds step by step and the children have produced spectacular glass birds for all to see.

Here the students are picking out their pieces of coloured and clear glass to make their bird. Janet explained to them you need two pieces for the body a coloured and a clear, a wing, an eye and a beak.
"I like how the bird shapes were a smiley face."

After that they constructed their birds from the pieces of glass, using hairspray to glue them together.

"You need to use really runny glue"

"It's tricky to put the glue on because it's so watery it goes everywhere!"

Janet then took them away to fire in the Kiln.

"You need to put it in a hot oven, even hotter than the one at home."

 Here are our amazing glass birds displayed in the Atelier for all to admire.