The Mystery Man Saga

Who is this man? 
Where did he come from? 
What is he doing on a deserted island? 
And what is my child talking about??

If you have been wondering what the legend of the mystery man is all about, you are not alone! We have had plenty of questions about this curious figure so we have a quick recap below to fill you in. 

Our Construction Area is a vast mountainous terrain, which was left bare when the 2015 Preps arrived. A few days later, a lone man stood in the middle. He became our "Mystery Man" and the story to follow is one which groups of Preps came up with after deep discussion and thought. The language is entirely from the students and the story will continue to evolve and grow depending on where the students choose to take it. 

Written by the 2015 Preps

There he was.
Standing by himself in the middle of a deserted island.
He was a mystery man. 

The man was an office worker in Fawkner. He sometimes liked to fly planes. One foggy Friday night the mystery man went for a ride in his plane by himself.

The fog began to cover up the window while he was in the air. All of a sudden he couldn't see where he was going. The throttle went backwards and the plane nose dived down, down, down until it hit the water and sank. Small parts of the plane floated to the surface. The mystery man dragged himself up the hill and realised he was in a stinking, spanking hot desert. 

The mystery man realised that he was going to need water to survive. He didn't want to get dehydrated and sick. So he dragged himself to the lake and had a humongous gulp of water. Then he looked around and thought about what else might he need. He needed food and shelter. He first thought about shelter. 

The mystery man wanted shelter because he knew that sometimes in the desert there are sand storms and lots of rain. He also knew it gets really cold in the desert at night. So he thought "what will I make it out of?" He looked around and saw some big planks of bark and thought that could work. 

The mystery man began building his shelter using mud, rocks and bark. 

As he built he 
realised something was missing! He didn't have any leaves to cover up his shelter. Just then, a big sandstorm blew in his direction. He covered his face with his hands and waited for the storm to pass. The sand storm had blown a tiny little golden seed right into the mystery man's hands.

He had an idea! If he wanted leaves he needed to grow a tree and his seed was his best shot. He decided to bury the golden seed down near the creek in the hope that it would grow best there. 

He waited  for days and days, almost a whole week, but finally the tree started to grow! Now the mystery man could add leaves to his shelters to make sure they were really water proof and sand storm proof! 

To be continued......


  1. Brilliant!! Love it! Cannot wait until the next instalment!

  2. What a beautiful way to stimulate imagination.... Go, go mystery man. Hope you don't end up in someone's pocket !

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  4. Finally I know who the mystery man Ursula was talking about is.
    Had fun reading it together, the suspense of what will happen next has as excited to read what is to come of him.


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