Busy Triciclo

Wow what a huge few weeks we’ve had in Triciclo.

We have been very busy learning about shapes, how to read stories by using the illustrations as a guide, creating storyboards, designing and labelling mythical creatures and worry dolls, experimenting with designs on the laptops, stretching out words and listening to all the sounds in them, and deciding the path of our mystery man.

We read a book called Silly Billy, which is about a boy who worries. We all know how much we can worry about going to school every day, whether we will miss our families when we are there, and how we will cope. The boy in the book makes himself a worry doll to tell his worries to. The students have been busy designing, labelling and making their own worry dolls and have produced some beautiful work. The worry dolls are on display in the Triciclo book corner. Students have been using watercolours to produce paintings of their worry dolls too.

We have been using the balconies of Triciclo for our learning. We have been watering the plants and tidying up the garden on one side, and using another balcony to create and construct with wooden boxes and rocks. Our third balcony will be ready for use soon, now that we have made some structural improvements to the teepee.

The weather has been warm and we have been tired by the end of the week, so we have had some Friday afternoon relaxation sessions. We are such quick learners and we know many BEPS procedures and secret codes already. At our first assembly this week we were such experts anyone would have thought we were in grade 1.

We couldn’t have done all this wonderful learning without being a brave learner and having a go. Ebony, Bec and Fabienne are so proud of everyone’s efforts.

Here are some photos of our fantastic worry dolls, shapes and construction work and storyboard.

A storyboard

Worry Doll Designers hard at work


The Final Product!


  1. Soooo busy!! What an amazing start! Thank you so much Bec, Fabienne and Ebony for the massive effort, love and passion!


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