The Suprise Wetting

Hi everyone!

Lots of you have been asking for a blog post of our very exciting Suprise Wetting so here are some great pics taken by our resident photographer Janet.

The effort everyone has put into the day was fantastic and the kids were totally thrilled to be part of the celebrations.

I have also included some (but not all sorry) of the hilarious and important pieces of advice they have come up with in the  "Book Of Advice" I have spelled them as the children have written them, see if you can work out what they say!


Dear Robn and lek olwas rembr to fed the bers.

Dear Wobn and Looc a was rmbr to was you has and. dot fit.

Dear Robin and Luc always rameba to kiss every morning before you go to work and wen you get home. Wen you go on your haonmoon park your undy's and your cloth's and your singlet. Wen you come bad from your haonmoon un paek ole of your cloth's.

Dear Robyni and loc always rmeb to share yor pin pom teb and always mec sor if a prsn is hurt mec for ther owcey

Dear Robin and Lok a was ramble to. not anserbak. And don twork bak. And mostry shae lolys.

Der robin. AND Look oowas rmemb too pakap afd yoorsels AND look afd yoorsels and be hape.

Dera Robn ad Loc olwas remba to not et to mach loles or you wel git chab