Our visits to Merri Creek 2014

Over the past five weeks Triciclo have been visiting Merri Creek on Wednesday mornings. In this time, we have the opportunity to interact with our surroundings and the natural resources available to us. We work together or independently to construct, build and create using the materials found at the creek. 

From week to week, each of us might do something a little different. Often we dig for bugs, make shelters or cubbies, build sculptures, construct homes or other structures for wildlife and insects; we also collect or relocate sticks, leaves, logs and rocks.

"We are finding worms and bugs and making new homes for them"
Keeping warm around a fire
We work together to solve the problems we encounter.

"Don't give up. I'll tell you a trick."
Helping each other to move the log to a new cubby


At Merri Creek we have come across a variety of insects and bugs as well as plant and animal life that have inspired various creations. Currently, many of the structures created are designed to house or attract insect and bug life.

Pictured: Bug house, fairy camp and garden
"Look caterpillar eggs! Let's put them in the house so when
 they hatch they have somewhere to live"

We are very conscious of the creatures that call Merri Creek their home and as such we are respectful of their habitat.

Each week we are thinking more and more about our creations; considering our designs and how they can be improved upon.
"Well it [a bug collector] needs to be balanced and it
need to have enough space to work"
We are excited to go back and observe how our creations change from week to week.

"I'm trying to build something here, I'm hammering it in"
"I found some eggs, and I put them in here
When they hatch they'll be stuck in there"
The bug is "walking a tightrope"
 We are sharing our ideas and understanding of the environment throughout the experience. 
"Trees have blood [sap] just like us, but they don't have
 heads but they have lots of arms that are their branches"

"I think the dirt came when the tree was cremated. Yeah, it
must have come when the tree died"
A stick insect!