Cooking Cookies

Once again the Preps have been super busy cooking up a storm in the kitchen. Most recently the Preps have been baking yummy cookies!!

The Preps started by reading out the recipe and looking for words they recognised and using their reading strategies to work out more difficult words. They looked at the numbers and discussed the different measurements.

The children worked together, taking turns to measure out the ingredients. 

There was much excitement over the beaters, each taking a turn to beat
the mixture.

There was much concentration as the mixture was rolled into small balls.

They each had a guess at estimating how many cookies we had made. We had
answers ranging from infinity to the winning estimate by Harper of eighty.
She observed each tray and really thought about it before providing her
answer. She was spot on!




Everyone got our their work books and drew or wrote something from the
session including detailed drawings of the actual cookies with labelling.

All the Preps got to enjoy tasting one of these delicious cookies!