Triciclo Chefs

If you happen to be lucky enough to take a walk into our learning community on Thursday mornings you may find your nose leading you straight into our kitchen/craft area. The delightful, delicious smells wafting from this area will definitely make your tummy grumble!

On arrival to this area you will find yourself in the hustle and bustle of a real life chef’s kitchen full of 10 little chef connoisseurs and 2 head chef’s (our incredible parent helpers) working through the cooking process to create a healthy treat for our hungry stomachs, an experience we ALL enjoy!

Cooking is an experience truly valued in Triciclo and believe it or not is full of educational benefits.

  • ·      Cooking is a social experience where the students work as a team to create a product. Listening to instructions and following directions is crucial and the oral language that occurs during the cooking process is extensive.

  • ·      Cooking is full of mathematical concepts (counting, measuring, weighing, estimating and sequencing)

  • ·      Students work through a step-by-step process, valuing the importance of completing something from beginning to end and all the bits in between!

  • ·      Fine motor skills are in full force when cooking, something as simple as stirring and kneading strengthen their little hands.

  • ·      Literacy is ripe too! Our lovely parents work through a recipe where students identify words they know and have a go at writing or drawing what they did.

  •        Through observing the changes between frozen water to boiling, cake batter to a baked cake etc students are learning the basic principles of science.

  • ·      PLUS MUCH, MUCH MORE! 



Thank you to our parent helpers who make this possible each week, we couldn’t do it without you! 

 “I really do like stirring and mixing the mixture… but most of all I LOVE eating it!!”