Hair-Raising Maths Investigation!

Beginning our Maths Inquiry for Term 4 we have taken a look into hair through a See, Think, Wonder with the photos below..

I See - 
It's round.
Fur on a little stick. 
A planet. 
A vanilla bean. 
A shoulder. 
The moon behind a bone. 
A bone on a beach. 
I Think -
It might be one hundred years old because of the holes and because a lot of the time new stuff doesn't have holes. 
It's a ball because it's round. It looks like a cricket ball because it has one of those things in the middle.
Saturn because the gold part looks like a ring. 
It sort of looks like a sausage.
 I Wonder -
                                                 If it's a sea plant. 
                                                  If it's pretend.
If it's food. 
If it's alive. 
If it's the moon.
If it's a bit of skin. 
If it's hair.  


We then had the opportunity to write down all of the things we already know about hair in the hopes that over the course of our Maths Inquiry we will be able to add a lot more to our list!
                                  Some hair is soft.                                       
Hair is itchy because of nits.
On you're body you have hair everywhere except for your eyes. 
Hair can be different colours. 
Hair can be thick and thin.
Hair grows everywhere on your body. 
Hair feels soft but on grown ups hair a bit stiff. It also looks like bark. 
Hair can be messy.
Hair can be cut. 
Hair can be long and short. 
Hair can be knotty.
Hair can fall off.  

It was then that we explored with our choice of materials the question "How long is hair?"


       We used rulers and tape measures...

and measured our pony tails and around our heads.

We tried measuring from the top of our hair...

and from the middle.

Then we recorded our measurements in our books. 

Our investigations into hair will continue throughout the Term and with our sparkly new Hairdressing Salon inspired by our Maths explorations now open for business, we are sure that we will be 'hairing' a lot more about hair in the future!!!