Vegetable Soup

                                        Vegetable Soup 

On Wednesday morning during Inquiry Time, some children chose to take part in some cooking.   The cooking group was making Vegetable Soup. Before the cooking started the children discussed as a group what ingredients and equipment they would need. They then took turns to make a list on the whiteboard. The children used their knowledge of letters and sounds to help them sound out the words they needed to add to the list.

Once the list was up the children discussed the first step, chopping the vegetable. Together we talked about the safety aspects of chopping vegetables and what they need to remember. The children demonstrated excellent skills in speaking and listening. Once the discussion was complete the children selected their vegetable of choice and started chopping....

After all of the fabulous chopping, slicing and dicing the children discussed why was it important to keep them the same size.

"So it looks Pretty"

"So they taste the same"

"So they all fit in the pot"

Finally, we came to the conclusion that we wanted them to cook evenly. Our next step was to put all our lovely chopped up veggies into the saucepan with some water.

We put the saucepans on high, waiting for the soup to boil then turned it down to simmer. Guess what we did while we waited? You Guessed it.......we CLEANED!!!!!!! (One of the most important parts of cooking.)

After the kitchen was spick and span we sat down to enjoy our Healthy, Hearty Vegetable Soup. We also added some home grown parsley for a garnish grown right here in the Prep garden. Yummy!!!

"It's delicious!"

"It's the best soup I've ever had."

"It's better than chocolate cake."

"It's better than the movies."

Once we had all enjoyed our soup and the experience of making it. We wrote about it! Children independently chose their own genre of writing, this included; stories, recounts, list and procedural.