A message from Mary Williams...

Triciclo in search of treasure

It was like it was a made for us to find it… an ancient treasure map hidden under the stairs in the Prep room discovered by Robyn early one morning last week. Tension was high as we unraveled the old, rustic map and had a peek at what was drawn inside! 

What can we see?
"I can see an X marks the spot!" "That’s where the treasure is!"
"I can see little red lines, feet marks."
"I think those marks tell you where to go to get there."
"Maybe it’s where the pirates have travelled."

What could the map be of?
"It could be the school, cause it looks like it. There are lots of trees."
"Maybe it could be CERES cause I saw a little chicken."
"It’s a map made by a Roman."
"It’s a treasure map made by pirates."
"It’s a map of the school, I can see chickens, the toilets and pizza oven."
"We can see the kitchen garden and the chickens. That’s the sandpit because that’s where the monkey bars are."

How do we know for sure?
"There are logs in the same spot that there are outside."
 Why do you think they are logs, they just look like circles to me?
 "Cause it’s a birds eye view, you only see them from the top."

Luckily the photocopier was not far away and we made a quick dash to make a copies of the map for everyone to take a closer look.

The question “what do we think the treasure will be” was a hot topic and we gathered a number of theories on what it could be:

Jewels and coins


Gold and Crystals


All types of special stuff

Powerful rings

Golden trophies and medals

A whole sack full of gold

Lots of money

Crystals and diamonds

Crowns and a medal

Everything that’s nice

Choc chips

A set of keys

Finally, we discussed where we needed to start and we carefully and sneakily (not wanting anyone to know we were in search for treasure!) crept around the school following the map. On our journey, we were lucky enough to find some magical items that we thought could be clues to tell us we were on the right track.

The hunt was on! After crawling underneath Linda’s office window like mice, side stepping along the brick walls, and ensuring Leigh we were doing nothing more than gazing up at the clouds we made it to X marks the spot!! 

In a frenzy we rushed to dig through the sandpit in search of any type of treasure. When at last we found it!!! Hoorah we shouted!!! Buried deep in the sand was a sparkly golden treasure box. 

Back in the classroom, you could hear a pin drop (literally, we have never heard 65 kids so quiet!) as one by one children were selected to take out the of pieces treasure wearing only the most special white gloves to touch these items that were so delicate. Inside we found an old note from a past student Mary Williams from 1901, old photographs, jewellery, gold, and most importantly glitter and sequins!!

It was an incredible journey, and just amazing that it happened to fit so well into our Math’s inquiry into mapping and birds eye views!