A Blank Canvas

A blank canvas is an open opportunity to create whatever your imagination can stir to life. It starts off looking absolutely identical to every other . . . empty yet full of promise. - Words by Christopher Palbicki.

A blank canvas is all we have at present, but the potential for this cream rectangle has Triciclo in a buzz!

We have a vision that this canvas will soon be a representation of our ever-evolving inquiry into Communities.  Through a meta-physical map, where the students will connect places, objects and people through their relationships and the values they place on these, we hope that our map will be a masterpiece that we can display in the prep learning community for years to come. 

 To begin this wonderfully rich inquiry we have asked the students to design what they believe the map should look like.  This involved the students measuring the perimeter of the canvas. 

“A design without measurements would not give us enough information”

“We need to measure it to think about how much stuff we might use”

“Yeah, so we can estimate how much stuff we might use”

Our first designs have included B.E.P.S, our houses, our friends and families houses, Merri Creek, shops, cafes, footy ovals and more. Have a look below to see! 

"I've put in the supermarket and the school because it's my favourite place cause I get to get the rolls in the morning. I also put my house because I like spending time there and also my footy oval." - Gaston

"I've put the aquarium because I go there sometimes. I also put my house. It's most important to me so I've put it in the middle. I've put a football oval because I've been to the football." - Tommy

"I've done home, the shops, school and friends houses. Home is the most important cause that's where my cat lives. I put the school because I like school cause it's really fun." - Alice

"My map has a shop, my house, my friends houses, school, the MCG and the cinemas. My house is most important and then school because they're the places I always go too." - Joel

"This is my map. I have drawn my house, my cat, my friends house, Merri Creek, my scooter and my bike" - Chiron

"My Friends House"

 "Merri Creek"