How to Make Toast

This week the Preps have been very busy in the kitchen cooking toast. First they discussed the equipment and ingredients they needed for their own piece of toast and then wrote it in a list.

After that, the Preps selected their choice of spreads out of butter, honey, Vegemite and jam. Some children selected more than two spreads, so there were some very interesting combinations. The Preps then put their spreads of choice onto their toast with a knife.

There was a lot of discussion about the different steps of making toast and the order of which to make it in. The children then cut their toast. This provoked more discussion about numbers, shapes and fractions.

"I cut my toast in pairs."

"I cut mine in 2 rectangles."

"I cut my toast in 4 squares."

I cut mine in 2 triangles then I cut it again and it made 4 triangles."

"I cut mine in half."

After a lengthy discussions the Preps finally got to enjoy their delicious piece of toast. Yum!

Finally, we did the dishes.

This activity of making toast was not only mathematically based with discussions around numbers, shapes and fraction. It also had aspects of literacy, through speaking and listening, allowing the children to discuss ingredients, equipments and the process of making toast, writing was also included with  writing the list of the things needed. This activity gave the children the experience and introduction on how to write a procedural text.