The Boat Inquiry - Update

Hello everyone, this is just a quick update on our central inquiry project- THE TRICICLO BOAT!!!

Last week saw the counting of votes as we finalized boat names. The process took some time with Literacy experiences intertwining with this task. Hmmmmmm......should we share the news?...... well ok, our gorgeous boat is now officially called The Shiny Skull! A fantastic name that came up against some stiff competition such as:

The Golden Octopus
The Silver Swan
Jack Reidwolt
The Spirit of Australia
Ben (yes really!)

  This week we are pleased to officially begin physical work on The Shiny Skull and welcome all helpers! Children have been sanding (very safely as you will see), designing and creating some stunning fabric flags and has seen our classroom evolve into a design and innovation paradise. Check out the photos below...