Teeth Investigation

For our maths investigation we started with the provocation "how many teeth do people have?"
This has opened up a whole myriad of discussion and problem solving!
Do you count teeth that have fallen out? What about teeth that have half or quarter or three quarters grown back? What about your adult teeth behind your baby teeth?
And how do you count them?
We used mirrors, cameras, our friends and our (clean) fingers to try and work it out. We talked about concepts of estimating and being accurate. We discussed which techniques were more accurate than others. Many children also surveyed each other about how many teeth they thought they had and we tried to work out the most common number.

We discussed the different shapes our teeth are and talked about 3dimensional and 2dimensional shapes 

How do you represent your findings? Children showed their data in many different ways- drawing maps of their teeth, making graphs, drawing pictures and writing numbers.